• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "Gratitude" thru the 3rd Eye Chakra

The magnetic forces of the 3rd EYE CHAKRA creates a pull and push of all the we are drawn to and from, consciously or unconsciously...your choice. This law of cause and effect is one of the energetic principles that defines us as creators. That is something to be GRATEFUL for! Can I get a Hallelujah!

When I find myself in conversation with people who are joyous and grateful to be with me...my life feels abundant and more of that feeling is drawn into my life. The opposite is also true. What you do, who you are on the inside is always reflected back to you from the outside. Our energy never lies.

Place your consciousness and valuable energy upon all that you are GRATEFUL for...it's a good way to CREATE YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY.