• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "Gratitude" thru the Throat Chakra, Element of Ether

The THROAT CHAKRA is our creative identity and a place of resonance that can also speak without saying one word. Words alone can be like a parrot repeating phrases; dull and without intention. During the INVOLUTION process, ETHER is the first Chakra capable of expressing emotions such as "GRATITUDE." When we engage our KNOWINGNESS from our CROWN CHAKRA, our VISION from our THIRD EYE and then express that resonance either through our consciously placed words or silence we feel our connection and all-oneness out in the world.

Our country​​ righteously fought and was established because we wanted freedom of expression. We have a choice with every breath, moment and day to rise GRATEFUL that we are FREE. And, when we fail to clearly communicate our boundaries and inspirations for OURSELVES our life travels off direction. We can currently see that our world and country is off direction as an example of our collective

resonance/ETHER. During these times one can focus on the micro things that we are GRATEFUL for if only as a resting place from the macro frequency. Either way; GRATEFUL or pissed off both serve us and the real final frontier to LISTEN TO THYSELF first.