• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "GRATITUDE" thru the Heart Chakra, Element of Air

There is a energy that permeates the collective consciousness. I have always known this energy and could give language to it which has kept me on the leading edge of information throughtout my life. When I was a young girl I knew my fierce ability to create and I enjoyed my daredevil experimental way of being. Yet my home life didn't emotionally support me..it was not a place where people listened to me and reminded me I was good and lovable. It's hard to hold GRATITUDE in the HEART when you are taught resentful ways to relate and then it permeate your logical mind.

Much of my "self- work" has been to create boundaries around my heart so that I can know the difference between myself and others. There were many layers and lesson of engagement to come to a place of owning my own space. I could cry thinking about the years I literally "spent" getting where I am now. Yet, on and off

throughout my life I have been a powerful attractor. I simply lacked the ability to sustain my frequency because I really had no idea there was "energy" always supporting me and how to engage with it(this was before Esther and Jerry Hicks began teaching). Even though I am older now and so much of my life has past...I would never trade the challenges I have overcome to open my heart, mind and body. GRATITUDE is the perfect word today because it holds the polarities of life; the positive, negative and neutral.

I want to shout from the tops of the mountains;

"I am receiving again!" My heart is open, fierce and sustaining! And, I now know how to support myself out in the world. I weep with GRATITUDE over my journey of becoming...it has been deep and fulfilling...and I have just begun to create my dreams! Aho'