• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "GRATITUDE" thru the Root Chakra, Element of Earth

Creating your own personal container on EARTH is my way to living a GRATEFUL life.

When I walk into my home what I see enlivens me. My bedroom is a sacred space because it has my pulse of stillness, a nourishing smell and a sound that make me feel safe and deeply held. Every item in my home is special to me and chosen based on how it inspires me.

The content I fill my life with also reflects how I want to resonate; organic foods that sustain and feel good in my body, creating a game out of managing money is fun, my relationships support and appreciate one another.

Finally, rituals aid my ability to measure, check-in and listen to my inner workings; morning tea, reading, meditation, creative projects, exercise, etc. ~ These and many more things (anything really) are moving meditations. All of these EARTHly ways of BEING sets a space of GRATITUDE.