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Involution of "RECEIVING" thru the Throat Chakra, Element of Ether

Today, Thursday is the HEART CHAKRA (which I will post late tonight) and I am still trying to complete yesterdays EXPRESSION of ETHER. As I went to put the ETHER piece out yesterday my computer froze destroying my work. The real medicine, the real "RECEIVING" came this morning as I realized that I have been pushing/forcing myself to "get it all done" instead of flowing and allowing my channel to EXPRESS thru me, as me.

ETHER is a channel for connection of; mediumship, the Akashic records, relationships to self and others. We have freewill to choose our connection with and to give a voice to this intelligence. What happens when you receive a down load of the most poignant eloquent language? Do you write it down? Or what about those moments where you know you are "in the zone" with your speech yet it feels unlike you; words you don't use or mannerisms that are foreign. Have you ever noticed this?

Here are a few ways to tune inot your own Channel; Prayer Invocations (not the old ways of making lists of things your grateful for and asking for more things), chanting, singing, meditation, exercise, etc. ~ all types of attunements that bring your mind, body, spirit into alignment with Ether/heavens an Earth/grass/electromagnetic fields/grounding.

Above is a piece I RECEIVED from the ETHER in the middle of the night...

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