• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "RECEIVING" thru the Sacral Chakra, Element of Water

The WATER element is RECEPTION connecting all material things.

This can either work for us or against us if we are/are not conscious with our words and actions. That old saying; "be careful what you ask for" ~ When we ask, it is given.

What if we don't like what we RECEIVE? Do you blame others? Do you tell stories about how others are misbehaving and wrong?

If you begin with this one question and can answer it honestly within ourselves...it will be a starting point of owning your experience in the world;

How do you FEEL inside your body or mind when you don't like what you RECEIVE? Can you describe what is happening within you?

When we are moving freely without attachement to stories and circumstance, instead weaving in and out of relatedness with what we RECEIVE ~ life begins to deliver effortlessly all that we ask for and all that we envision for ourselves.

How are you RECEIVING your world moment to moment?

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