• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "RECEIVING" thru the Root Chakra, Element of Earth

This morning I woke to a very messy home. I went into the boys rooms and laid down some thunder. I set boundaries and a structure with my roommates about how to keep our communal space clean. The boys became quiet...I held that tension for a while without saying a word. Allowing them to sit in it. And, I quietly and peacefully went back to what I was doing.

For some it is hard to claim their worth with pride and confidence. To speak your truth and leave it there regardless of how others RECEIVE you. This is not easy because we want to be positive or be liked or appropriate or fake it till you make it. Really, these are all lies that you are telling yourself which only prolongs a circular path. Clean it up to move the energy out-ward!

Take a stand and speak your truth. This is the way to create the world you have dreamed of RECEIVING.

Through risk comes great rewards, from failures come great lessons...on EARTH it's all a process.