• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "GIVING" thru the Crown Chakra

I don't often GIVE someone a "heck no" or a "Get out of my house" but, there are some exceptions. Like today, when a plumber showed up to unclog our sink, then proceeded to break the piping and blame someone else for it.

When this went down I felt a huge "NO" yet, logically I knew we did not have the solution to the problem so my clear and visceral "NO" response might not have seemed rational. Still my energy body KNEW something was severally wrong...it felt as if my energy body was out ahead of my mental body informing me of what was coming. We call this proprioception through our energy field.

Energy permeates everything = energy is organizing intelligenc what some call God. Our energy body precedes our mental and physical body. We as humans can decipher and GIVE language to the ethers/unknown. Our CROWN CHAKRA doesn't need to "figure things out" instead, it KNOWS.