• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "GIVING" thru the Third Eye Chakra

Dare I say GIVING doesn't exist in our THIRD EYE of perception, yes. The magnetic forces that rule this area teach those who GIVE out of a need for self-validation.

In my past, I have been guilty of this. I knew the other person was not GIVING back to me or to our partnership...or to herself. Yet, I kept making excuses for her so that I could feel good about myself. Then as things were finally coming together she left our partnership and my years of work and investment...went with her. That is the definition of GIVING until it hurts.

Make sure what you SEE in relationships matches what you are told. I SEE it all now and, I am better for it. LOL...even on the day, her face is on the cover of magazines. Rise up...GIVE to yourself by using balanced intellect before excuses!