• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "GIVING" thru a compilation of Heart, Solar & Sacral Plexus Chakras. Ele

Life has moved fast this past week. Ushering in GIFTS with fast action(AIR/FIRE)that I was ready to move with(WATER) easily!

I have to laugh at the manifestation exercises that so many (myself included) do diligently because we want so badly to bring in our dreams. And, the energies always have the last laugh! Everything that comes is a reflection of us!

For the past few weeks the minute I put a pin to the paper of who I am and where I am at energetically, I have been GIFTED with that vision. Simply, effortlessly.

I see myself standing still in the waters tides as they crash upon my feet and then roll back out ~ I absorb their goodness, the GIFTS of plenty upon this earth heaven.

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