• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "LABELs" thru the Third Eye Chakra

What came first the VISION of the LABEL or what it is attached to? A great LABEL is really a contemporary form of a SYMBOL; it is timeless and immediately connects you with the palpation of the "thing" it is attached to.

This ability to imprint the subconscious mind through a LABEL is a powerful tool that has been used to create and destroy our freewill, independence and creativity.

If our priorities are upon external things like owning the best LABELs (as ILLUSION) after time we are not fulfilled by them and always need more to feel happy.

We can also create LABEL's that inspire VISION and presence the minute it is SEEn like a Ankh.

What LABEL's are you into?

What does that say about you?