• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "LABELs" thru the Heart Chakra, Element of Air

Socially we are all having an experience of touching the consciousness of others thru the AIR element of our HEART CHAKRA. And, somewhere along the centuries we IDENTIFIED some of life's experiences(aka energies) as "GOOD" and others as "BAD." We LABELed them thru our judgements and our learned understandings.

I want to let you all in on a little secret. Come close... ~ All energies have three motions; projection, repulsion and neutrality. So think about it. Can there be "Good" and "Bad" while something is projecting or retracting? YES!!! Polarities exist in all movement on earth.

Does a client leaving you have to be BAD? No! Cause it is creating space for something new to come in. Does winning the lottery make everything good? Maybe for a minute or a few years and then what? Did the outside circumstance change the perceptions?

Don't get lost by your immediate circumstances...stay neutral and avoid LABELs! Witness what happens next!