• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "LABELs" thru the Solar Plexus Chakra, Element of Fire

"JUST DO IT" is where I am. And, what a powerful LABEL it is! Filled with the ACTION of FIRE! And, there is more to it than that;

When children are not honored and instead shut down early in life they learn to manipulate and plot for our own self-expression instead of having confidence and being direct. Speaking up and acknowledging our own boundaries can be a challenge. It's the same process as a baby learning to stand; it stands, then after a time falls back smack on its butt! LOL ~

As an adult, it takes the FIRE in your thighs to step up into challenges and JUST DO IT! Or we can fall back on our wet diaper make excuses and manipulate. BOTH polarities WORK! And, both are called for sometimes to serve us.

Where are you with the ACTIONs to create the life you want?

Can you communicate in a direct way(FIRE)?

Can you sit in a wet diaper and be with your fear?

Can you "JUST DO IT?" ~ Thanks, NIKE and Shia(HILARIOUS!)

***Special THANKS to James Kellem & James D. Arena