• The Mystic Agent

ECLIPSE, journal

As 9:15am ish came I felt a deep relaxation come in and down thru my body and settle into my root chakra as I descended deeper into the earth with my energy...From the other room, I heard a loud sigh of relaxation from Jim(my partner). Now, I found myself wondered around exhausted so, I sat in my sacred space and lit a candle to meditate.

Felt it time to go out to look at the Eclipse ...then went west, in the wrong direction to see it...realized it was in the east. Laughing at myself observing how our whole world has felt this LOST "we going the wrong way" chaotic energy. Went to sit on our East facing deck..and peek at them, him(Sun) and her(Moon)...I immediately felt a strong fight/opposition/struggle happening. As the Moon (the feminine energies) came across the sun(the masculine energies)I sensed a cooling/softening as she covered him, a feeling like water thrown upon a fire...then steam and calm after the shaking resistance. While SHE covered HIM the sun(he) kept PUSHING and popping out around HER as if fighting/building his own potency to be seen! Stillness for a BEAUTIFUL MOMENT then, BAM THE EYE of the EAGLE burst out ....creating AHH AND INSPIRATION with that came a feeling of laser sharpness upon ALL...as if to say; "I see you, nothing is escaping my awareness... I am here."

"CAN the FEMININE COOL the MASCULINE to create a sense of balance for us all?"


Thanks Pink...I bow.