• The Mystic Agent

a.m. musings

Woken, might as well pee... As I rose I noticed the clock roll onto 2:00 a.m. ...went to my trusted Joanne's Scribes. So many signs EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY...throughout the day. Signs, signs everywhere.

Now I lay in bed with a huge grin, then the sub-conscious mind comes in with stories from the past...past hurts that I could tell myself over and over again. Justifying every moment...and I notice these old stories. How the heck did I get to these type of thoughts so quickly from "signs, signs of compassion and balance everywhere"??? OIY! I laugh to myself and "place" my thoughts where I would like them...upon my journey to "The Mystic Agent" and my creative self. Smiling, again.

I have been shown "SIGNS" during my whole life's journey...oh man...the miracles I have lived could make the most amazing book or movie. And, I will write it! "Serendipity" is already taken for a title so how about: "I Will Know" ~ cause we always do "know" but, do we LISTEN?

Do we LISTEN to ourselves; our inner musings, the signs, the gut feelings...the serendipity?

This musing really is about my heart fill gratitude for the people whom I have traveled this journey with and gained so much from. I might not speak with these people daily or yearly yet they impacted my life's trajectory...some like a pin ball ricocheting me onto another direction and away from them, others will be in my life forever...still my gratitude for the experience is endless...no matter appearances all these relationships are known by my soul; Dee Dee, Virginia, Wanda, Gretchen, Don, Jim Kellem, Dru, Siegel, Mike, Jack, Daniel, Claire, Dava, Mark T., Kate, Moon, Lynn, Tiffany, Aaron, Nina, Paola, Jean, Tracy Griffiths, Gary Strauss, Dina, James, Megan, Mary, Noreen, Lisa A., Amanda L.... Our relationship has brought to my life's greatest joy! Thank you for being a muse in my life.