• The Mystic Agent

CHOICE. We all have it. DO WE USE IT?

Our brain has over 70,000 thoughts per day, 3000 per hour and 50 per minute! That is a lot of information! It's no wonder many feel overwhelmed by their thoughts in any given moment.

How can we make good choices with all this sh*t flying around in our heads? Consciousness. Simply, by exercising our ability to be present and focusing the mind on our choosing.

Simply, EXERCISE your ability to witness the thinking process. In other words, witnessing our minds activities. Which is what consciousness is. How do we do this?


Meditation can be done in many different ways yet the basis of it is a constant process;

1. Focus upon one thing (walking, breath, balloon, etc.) 2. Thoughts will naturally shift to something else; story, looping thoughts, circumstances, etc. 3. When you can, watch/catch your/yourself thoughts/thinking 4. Exercise your ability to place your thoughts somewhere of your CHOOSING.

All of LIFE is CHOICE. HOW do YOU CHOOSE to BE. What do you do with ALL your CHOICES?