• The Mystic Agent


I am beginning to review footage from a pilot we just shot around the energy work that I do. You see, I have been a reluctant leader for MYSELF. I am noticing too that it is challenging me to LOOK AT mySELF. HELLO!

Leading others, I have done in a highly successful way. Those now "STARS" when ready and having received my medicine achieved their dreams and others "stars" have received what they believed was their dreams...yet, they simply found the next obstacle within themselves.

The Stars/celebrities are no different than you and I! We all have a "thing" we want to BE, DO or HAVE. The trick is when that thing is outside of us...like creating something or having a lover, feeling related too...or buying that new handbag! The THING is, it's never the THING! ...it's always a THING within us that NEEDS/WANTS our attention.

That emptiness/judgement/anger/ self-sacrifice/payoff etc. is OURS...say HELLO to it and begin the conversation about getting to know it, LISTEN ... IT has SOMETHING to SAY.