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By setting a "Boundary" am I playing the "victim?"


We are supposed to sense what works for us and what doesn’t. We do that by setting boundaries, negotiating deal points, establishing responsibilities, etc. And, then MEASURING how it’s all working out by making adjustments from there.

In the energy world, there is the concept that when we are in alignment between heaven and earth we are relating from the Heart with LOVE…then when conflict arises we take responsibility for it and do the internal work to discover the “energy truth” behind OUR discomfort. This works!!! However, when we personalize conflict we create Victim mentality.

There is the 3rd. option…When we set and clearly communicate a BOUNDARY which is not honored (over and over again). This type of conflict can easily be addressed with truthful and direct communication; “This is your responsibility in our relationship and you are not following through OR our working agreement is as a “partnership” with “equal say” and when you make unilateral decisions without discussing it then our partnership becomes a dictatorship, etc. Then ask yourself big picture; “do I receive enough XYZ(joy/money/energy) to make it worth losing my boundaries over OR do I need to walk away?”

For me, 2017 has been about EARTHLY MATTERS and how I want to construct my life. If I choose to set aside my boundaries aka my internal integrity to “go along" or "get along" or "fake it till I make it" or "in the hope of a prize I want” …What I have IN THE END WILL MATCH ME!!!


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