• The Mystic Agent

The Year of Heart Discernment

In 2019, my heart wants more. More love, more intimacy. A genuine connection with others via my Celestial Sound! I will not settle for less. In the past, I experienced much pressure to understand life's expectations. Tremors rise from within as I write about my journey; "receiving the forced predatory behaviors of others."

As a baby in the womb, I knew I was not wanted and was given up for adoption. I learned at a young age of my beauty and sexuality from men who failed to ask permission for what they took. And, from there I discovered that my physical body was a tool for pleasure and peace. From the womb, these experiences taught my HEART how to be safe through Empathy. Like most Empaths, I have learned to utilize the water of the heart that "becomes" all that it contains. Being this open-hearted, I have not been able to always DISCERN between what is my energy and the energy of others. Which has led me to places a self-empowered person would not knowingly travel!

As an Integrated CranioSacral and Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, I have done the deep work to mature the energies that construct me. I have flushed out the elemental frequencies in my human form, more than once. And, here I am again back in the heart... ready to deepen into another layer of the self. Not the same frequency as before because where I am now is new! My heart is discerning and wants to SHOW ME MORE of ME. The heart-centered me wants to say HELLO!!! I am being guided to notice the subtle sensations and ask questions of myself directly through my "heart center" so that I may distinguish between the energies at play. To do this, I need to be centered and neutral so that I have clear listening.

"Muddy water when kept still becomes clear." Lao Tzu.

This year I will be blogging about how to discern the energies of the Heart. I will bring original content each week. I look forward to your questions, concerns, input and personal sharing. Let's turn our heart light on together in 2019!