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Centered Heart

Noticing the subtle sensations through the "heart center" isn't always easy! Oh my gosh...especially for those who live in big cities like Hollywood, New York, Milwaukee or even Settle, WA. who's known as progressive feelers! How can we center our energy to enable us to distinguish the felt energies at play in our heart?

"Muddy water when kept still becomes clear." Lao Tzu.

We need to still the water! Here are the three primary and general ways to create neutrality within so that you may have clear listening:

SHAKE IT OFF: Dogs do it, ducks do it...Taylor Swift does it too. We can take overly charged "Air Energies" (could be excessive thinking, thoughts that loop) and distract our mind with physical actions(fire energy) like: literally shaking and jumping around while making noises, or yoga, running, walking out doors, pilates, exercising, etc.

BREATH-WORK: This is great when confusion splits us in two leaving us unable to act for ourselves! This is also excellent for Anxiety; Breath of Fire, 4 count breath: receive breath for 4 counts hold for 4, exhale for 4 counts hold for 4, repeat pattern until calm and then extend pattern to 6 count/6 hold until calm and if you can 8 count/8 hold.

There are many Prana exercises that can be done. I will do more on this during 2019!

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MEDITATION: This is the best for clearing and calming. Again, there are many ways this can be done. It's best to play around with the different techniques to discover what feels best for you. Meditation is simply to bring awareness to the thoughts we think and where we are in space and time.

Find a comfortable place to sit, feet flat on the ground and comfortably in lap, begin to notice you are breathing air through you nose, feel the air as it passes in and out, stay focused on the air as it passes in and out. You will naturally begin to drift off into the thoughts. The whole exercise is to NOTICE YOU ARE THINKING, say hello to the thoughts...and go back to the feeling of the air passing through you nose. Repeat. This will happen over and over when you begin to meditate. Be easy with you. Start sitting for 5 min. 2 times a day, then go to 15/20 minutes once a day in morning or night. I will do more on this in 2019 too!

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

This year I will be blogging about how to discern the energies of the Heart. I will bring original content each week. I look forward to your questions, concerns, input and personal sharing. Let's turn our heart light on together in 2019!