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Heart Sensitivities

"Heart Sensitivities" we are all born with a direct connection to everything via our heart center's electromagnetic field. Our heart reaches out proprioceptively to witness our surroundings. "The heart is the symbol of life in the temple of the body and the Queen's Chamber of the Grace of Life itself; it is the motherhood of all living things. Life flows and attracts as it acts." Quoted by: Dr. Randolph

Heart energies affect our Social Identity via the polarities of Understanding vs. Judgment. Before the rational mind develops, as the soul is circling the mother's field of energy it all begins; Conditional love or Unconditional love? When we received unconditional love and support while we learn, to digest our feelings and give them a reasoned voice, in other words, we learn how to feel our heart connection to OURSELVES FIRST and, then to situations, people, places and things.

When we experience "conditional" love that contradicts the SENSITIVITIES of the HEARTs our energy is magnetically moved forward in dissonant/disorganized resonance which creates layers of disease that over time harden and can affect our ability to become self-expressed or not which in turn directly corresponds to emotionally maturity, or ...not.

When we say to ourselves, "how did we get here as a society?" It is, simple. Societal norms are conditional love. Comprehensive Energy Healing work like Polarity Therapy at any point, any age can enable one to transmute and mature old blockages that recreate flow! Remember it is never too late, we are multi-dimensional beings so by re-sensitizing ourselves we can be free. We can begin again with every conscious breath and courageous action.

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels