• The Mystic Agent

Courageous Action of the Heart

I realize what it truly means to have the courage of the heart. It is the ability to take on challenges and enjoy the process no matter the outcome. Until this point in my life, I have been reactive and lacking discernment. My "process" would have been to run straight at it head first, naked or rationalize my way out of it entirely.

We don't know, what we don't know. Since I was young I have seen future trends, had wonderful ideas and visions for businesses yet; I told myself I didn't know how or where to begin. The truth is, I just lacked the courage and fortitude to be at risk, learn new things and to leap over each new hurdle that was needed to accomplish and bring those visions to manifest for myself. Instead, I ran out of the fire required while telling myself stories of lack which shut me down.

Today, I have re-birthed my passion and action, and the ability to go with the flows of up and down during the creation process, to manifest the thing even to go back and forth to the drawing board tweaking based upon others notes. The collaboration process now thrills me, the problems that come up challenge me as I allow the solution phase to unfold without a struggle. Yes, even any frustration or set back gives me a feeling of accomplishment! Who freakin' knew being COURAGEOUS and VULNERABLE with my HEART could be this good!!!