• The Mystic Agent

Each Moments Holds opposing forces

New beginnings of projects I have worked on for years are happening right now! My first steps have at time felt awkward, like that first kiss and slow while learning how to organize and prioritize things for efficiency. It's so damn magical to be doing things I deeply enjoy without efforting!

It's interesting too that at the SAME MOMENT of newness I am also experiencing endings/death, chaos ...witnessing judgments coming down upon those in my rear view mirror. It is intense! EACH MOMENT has within it movement of opposition all happening at the same time!

I see the polarity. I am not turning away cause it's difficult, messy, ugly, "a waste of my time." No. Nothing ever dies so, I am not avoiding things that would only come back to haunt me! I reverently honor (some people call this "love" ~ I do not) from my heart center all that shows up. Meet the energy, directly with purpose and full consciousness....this keeps the energy flowing even opposing forces.