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The Season of Less to Give?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Samhain is an astronomical midpoint between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice when the veil betwixt the vibrant harvest of life gives way to life energy moving out and away from its center, returning to dust once more. The cycle of life energy is a continual and unending spiraling process.

For me, the waning energy of the Shaiman came a bit early and walloped me into a zombie-like state. I couldn't focus my mind, and my will to action was mush! During my creative hours, all I could do was thumb through my cell phone! ~ you know that repetitive checking email, Instagram, text message loop?!! AGHH!!! It was the WORST! Time was passing, and all I could hear was the droning of my neighbor's broken pool filter! Numbness, nothingness, and blah are words that describe how I was experiencing the moments and days that past. Not to bring you down, and do you have a sense of my experience now? I had nothing left to give. Oiy, LOL!

In all seriousness, it's difficult for me to stay down even when I have nothing to GIVE. Instead, I was having an internal conversation of resistance and struggle to "do," "focus," and "think," then I would forgive myself for not doing enough and then allow myself to be a limp vegetable. This circular type of conversation went on for a few days! Did I overdo this past month, and now I have LESS TO GIVE? Did I over in-debt my energy?

Then I received this idea, "how I can revitalize my energy and increase my conductivity?" Water! Water is a conductor of energy, and I was not eating watery foods (the foods grown above ground and nearest to it; green vegetation, cucumbers, melons, squash, pumpkin, etc.), nor was I drinking enough water, which is never suitable for a woman in Menopause! Additionally, humans need electromagnetic energy to recharge their systems! Examples are; a lake or the ocean, walk-in nature, or merely standing in grass upon the earth all nourish and replenish the human energy system of electromagnetic energy. I call this self-diagnostic research, which is a process always at play as a highly sensitive human instrument that requires fine-tuning.


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