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Problem-Solving Family Systems & Constellations

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A Constellation is an experiential way to look at information from the past, present, or future held by “the Knowing Field,” which are the energies that create one’s life and the universe. 


The purpose is to reveal hidden dynamics and patterns, ask and answer questions, and improve or create clear insight for your person, business, or creative endeavor. This playful and sometimes emotional experience teaches how to access your intuition, and innate sensory skills to make conscious and effortless decisions. Together we will bring life and personality to each aspect of the problem/issue you are working with. 


Whether you are a Group of Friends, a Corporation, or an Individual, we will look at any system: Family, the Self, Business or Vocation, Nature, Environment, and Creativity to understand the problem and how the aspects within relate to one another.
What people say about Constellations is, “Why doesn’t everyone know this?!

As seen on Netflix's “Sex Love & Goop," “Another Self” and “The Soul Game” the first Systems Constellation process for entertainment in media of its kind on The Mystic Agent Youtube Channel.

Rates are based on the number of people, length of time, and location of the event. 

**Subject to additional Location Fee.

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Customized Constellation Rate Quote:

Please include the following information:

  1. Location preferences

  2. Date and time you would like to hold the Constellation

  3. Number of people expected (1 person or more)

  4. How many Constellations (if known)

  5. What is the question or concern you have?  

  6. Any other details specific to your event

**Subject to additional Location Fee based upon needs.

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