To EXPRESS ~ Wednesday ~ Throat Chakra, Element of Ether

February 23, 2017



I can not tell a LIE!  I am embarrassingly OPEN (especially for those around me!) about everything! This has gotten me into a LOT of trouble. 

Oddly though, I have ended up in multiple relationships with pathological LIARS.  Why?  

It took me years to figure out that I was holding back my own own TRUTH. I was compromising myself within these relationships by containing my own VOICE!  So, I was lying to myself. I was dulling my own sparkle...dulling my own ETHERIC EXPRESSION and resonance because I wasn't honest, with myself.


Do you refrain from saying things to make others feel more comfortable?  


Are you afraid to say; "No" ?


When we fail to speak up for ourselves or speak our truth we compromise our authentic EXPRESSION. We owe it to the world to EXPESS our TRUTH!


I refuse to LIE to myself for anyone!!! 



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