To EXPRESS ~ Wednesday ~ Throat Chakra, Element of Ether

March 2, 2017




As I am writing this...and tuning in with what wants to be EXPRESSed as NEUTRALITY in the ETHER.  This idea pops in; Is ETHER NEUTRALITY itself?


ETHER is the great All-ness and supports the whole of existance on the Macrocosm whereas NEUTRALITY is a perspective that creates a resonance within at the Microcosm. Neutrality gives space for all possibilities as does ETHER. When we meet life energy in a NEUTRAL way that energy is able to keep moving freely!


It's not easy to EXPRESS neutrally 24/7...and that would be TOO MUCH PRESSURE! So be easy with you. When you notice yourself EXPRESSing like Grumpy or Mopey...catch yourself when you can and GO NEUTRAL!

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