Day 8; Kinsale, Cork Co., Ireland~ Goodbye ~ The Moon is pulling at me, refining my alchemy

May 3, 2017

I wake clear in my minds eye and re-enlivened! I am going to the buddist retreat...I was going to stay in Kinsale another night but I want to be in silence and digest the experiences of my trip upto now. I enjoyed a homemade breakfast and the company of their other guests @ the Woodlands House B & B. I often find myself in conversation around contemporary healing and this morning is no exception! Thank you Valerie and Ryan what a wonderful B and B you created! I will be back!


First, Kindle tour...loved. The Vikings tried to take the land in Ireland and the Spanish aided the Irish. And, I went to what was once called the end of the world(I assume this is when people thought the world was flat?). LOL

Found some wonderful shops, bought a few things then I hiked to the highest point in Kinsale over looking the harbor.


I am off to Dzogchen Beara Buddhist meditation center!


I arrive after their business hours. The coffee shop is closed yet however people are inside cleaning and open the doors to help me. They call to the after hours staff. I am offered tea as I wait. A somewhat intimidating woman comes to greet me. I am interrogated about the reservations, which in all fairness were not clear. And, during this time of uncertainty I remained calm and unattached. Present however. After a time of review she asks me to follow her. I arrive at the doors of the care center and another woman welcomes me, she is warm and joy filled...and laughingly shows me my room. This was what I wanted! Yes!!!


Goodnight Moon. Oh! Mama Moon how reassuring it is to be moving with you once again...and grateful to be home in the water for I know will be my last shedding - I weep with joy at this full circle and completion ...A'ho.






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