DAY #10; Goodnight Dzogchen Beara & farewell to Mr. Spirit Kitty.

May 5, 2017

Tea, meditation. Café with a view  of the Ocean for Matcha, editing...I am moving so slowly it's hard to speak.  


Words seem unnecessary. delicious! Tastes I have never experienced before. THE FOOD HERE IS FREAKIN FRESH!!! In every bite you can taste and sense it's crispness and bouquet of flavors...even lettuce!!! (Full disclosure all the foods I ate where at vegetarian restaurants or a hired chef) 

Study time...meditation...outdoor sitting and being...with Mr. Cat who greeted me and then jumped upon my shoulders as I walked into the space. 


Evening hike with new friends. Vlogging..LOL ~ I really am so still  and an open vessel that I don't have much to say...anyone could come through my channel right now!    


Goodnight moon.

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