Involution of Should-ing ~ Crown Chakra, To Know

May 9, 2017

There is no INVOLUTION of "Shoulda" being received into the CROWN CHAKRA. Our CROWN CHAKRA is clarity itself. Our CROWN CHAKRA "KNOWS" all.


"SHOULD-ing" is environmental and a sign "over-intellectualize." 


Whenever we can catch ourselves "SHOULD-ING" ...that is the goal! SHOULD-ing can be a sign of confusion, comparisons or some standard set by another. So just like meditation, we simply notice we are "SHOULD-ING" and refocus upon our breath or something else!


I "shoulda" spoke about this topic sooner! LOL  ...NOT!   Everything in this moment is as it "SHOULD BE"...


~ The Mystic Agent


Thank's to Dani Klein for the suggestion of "SHOULD-ING".  Please let me know your suggestions and I will cover them! 

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