Involution of "GRATITUDE" thru the Solar Plexus & Sacral Chakra, Element of Fire & Water, To Act & Feel, respectively

June 4, 2017


How can I be GRATEFUL when I constantly bend my passions & desires to accommodate others? Walking on egg shells in relationships is playing the role the prey vs. the predator.  Do you want to narrow your choices to accommodate another; money(big one), space, decorating, dinner choices? Once in a while, yes.  Or is it every day, over and over and over again?   


Is this you? 


Has your life become stagnant?   Are you ruled by my emotions or rigid in your body/being or do you have poor boundaries?  Do you feel isolated?  


When I stand in my power first by taking action for my well-being and passions then my relationships shift and life begins to flow again.  I notice when I have the courage to say no or speak up and say something bold I feel alive and GRATEFULLY participating in the experiment of my life.  I have the ability to change anything!






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