The Mystic Agent's Anniversary

April 7, 2019

Today is the 3rd anniversary of The Mystic Agent journey and page.  FB put this in my queue this morning ~ Wow, I am taken back at how much has changed since I created this video and page.  
SO FREAKIN MUCH. As an agent, I have not spoken about my challenges and the dense playgrounds I have chosen to swim in. In this video, I didn't mention the most successful star (so far..)Tiffany Haddish who would not be where she is without our 13 years together.  Let me just say this, without ALL of my experiences, I would not be who I am today.  My throat tightens as I reflect as if I am there right now! Changing my focus, immediately.  Too, I have to laugh at my scorpion like water that enables me to effortlessly be in anywhere in time and space, just like an electron!


Yes, I am a successful agent, and still, I am trying to share myself with the public which has been an enormous struggle for me.  Like this video, it took me 2 days to create the content I filmed it for 8 hours straight over and over again, then gave up and hired a person to help me. I have been teaching myself how to be creative and a creator instead of a person who tells others what is tremendous or needs fixing. And, learning to be cool with not having it perfect, and being at risk and vulnerable so that I can rise up again in the strength that I have always known yet, had not grown to embody.  


I have completed 3 major certification programs and am now teaching about Alternative Healing Modalities, and I work with clients to help them create & transmute mental, emotional and physical things.  I do this cause I LOVE IT and it feeds my soul.  


The content for this page is still in the works ~ I want to give more to this space.  Those who have supported me know, that when I "know/see" something I stay with it. I was given this fantastic project which has matured and morphed with me over these past three (6 really)years.  I still am guided to keep going so, I willingly and creatively do so in trust.  One of the things that will get done this year is a new Welcome video!  LOL.


As I traditionally do, over the next 6 days I will release the original story of the INVOLUTION of The Mystic Agent.  



I hope you enjoy it. 

I have seen so many of you GROWING, changed and "lit up" since working together or liking TMA posts.  It is remarkable how so much has changed, matured and is in a new place.  That is the thing, there's no going back.  We are always moving so even when we feel like we are back in a familiar old situation, it's never the same because we are not the same.  THANK YOU to those who have supported me through all my missteps and wins ~ I hope it's been a good laugh and that you have felt supported in your personal growth.





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