Trick #2~Sustaining the Hearts Passion with Fire

October 16, 2019


PACING. The pace at which we do things can create SUSTAINABILITY or burn-out! Remember the Tortoise and the hare? The Tortoise fluid consistent pace wins the race! Here is my secret to being the Tortoise; I create an energy resonance that feels good within me. When my energy is right, I am happily creating for hours!

Here is an example of what I mean; Let's use the energy resonance of "Opulence:"


What does that word feel like to you when you tune in with it?


How does it look?


If you were touching it, what would it be?


How does it smell?


Once I know the energy resonance I am looking for, I make sure my space, foods, clothing, and body all exude this frequency! 



Another way I pace myself is by moving with my body's natural rhythm, so; I honor it when my energy level wains; my mind doesn't want to think anymore, or when my body is stagnant and wants to move. I then stop what I am doing determine what I need; Rest, water, a break in nature, rolling and stretching on the floor, exercise, etc. I keep showing up again and again and again for my SELF! When I move from the inspired action within, SUSTAINING my PASSION/FIRE ENERGY is a joy! 


Photo by Elle Hughes


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