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About Sound Healing

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Humans are RESONANT SOUND SYSTEMS, 24/7!  We walk on earth vibrating outwardly and receiving inwardly acoustical organizing intelligence known or unknown by us.  And, we can cultivate our inner tuning through consciousness development of our sensory perceptions, application of polarity philosophy which observes the positive, negative, and neutral aspects of thought and behavior along with identifying their elemental characteristics. 


Sound is vibration energy, which takes the form of waves.  These waves are currently scientifically measured in units called hertz (hz) which measure the cycles per second that this energy creates.  Different tones create different effects on our energy systems.  Both Dissonance and Harmonic sounds can have a positive effect on energy, and they offer information to the participant. ​


"In the beginning was the Word," says the Gospel of John in the Bible and in Sanskrit and written in "Nada Brahma" = "The world is sound" - the extraordinary similarity between the Latin word "verbum" (verb) and vibration ...."* ​


"The Spirit creates through the Word which manifests itself through Sound = Language"* "The Word is the action of SOUND - from the first verses of Genesis (Bible)."*   Conscious expression of the WORDS enables one to harness the blessing of creative will. ​


Cymatics is the new science that studies the forms produced by waves that are the frequency that can be vibratory, sound, electromagnetic, etc.  Chladni founded Cymatics. He demonstrated that sound affects physical matter and creates harmonious geometric patterns. ​


All creation is a symphony of sounds, vibrations, in which the individual parts fit attracted by the resonance with similar sounds.


Researchers began to systemically study the application of music in medicine and healing near the end of the 19th century.  Various studies report the effects of music on physiological responses, such as cardiac output, respiratory rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure (BP)all resulted in significantly less tension, anger, fatigue, and depressed mood in participants, compared to feelings they reported before the sound bath.


Sound healing/bath, or vibrational sound therapy, requires little from its participants, other than a willingness to receive. ​


References* & recommended reading for more science, history, and applications:***

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