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I am Shannon McLaren, the visionary behind "The Mystic Agent." Since childhood, I have seen and felt the future and known the creative force within me. Yet, no one around me spoke about how to explore the senses and energies within and around me. Instead, the world taught me to place my attention outside of myself and put other ideas and priorities above my own, which, in turn, created systemic disorientation. I became lost within my being! 


Later, I found myself reluctantly positioned to learn the Healing Arts. Integrative Craniosacral therapy and a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and now, Registered Polarity Educator. It was through this educational process that I self-realized my essence. 


I am a channel bringing in new ways of interpreting the unknown, yet I am no different from you.  The purpose now is for humans to know ourselves deeply as a unique configuration and an essential part of the whole. This time in history will be known as one of mature personal consciousness now blending with universal consciousness. And, I am no one's Guru.  Everyone can be an Agent of action for their SOUL, A Mystic Agent.

The Mystic Agent provides self-realizing content and services to cultivate simplicity in being. Our content explores real-life problems from a consistent sacred philosophical view, energetic principles, physics, and a cymatic perspective. We bridge mysticism to contemporary metaphysical science with mundane behavioral changes to aid humanity in finding peace within...no matter the circumstances. We provide education and services based on energy medicine principles, sensory perceptions tools, nutrition, communication, listening and resonance skills, exercise, and movement practices. 

Welcome to a NEW WORLD, one that begins and ends with personal responsibility for our HUMAN ENERGY experience. And, so it is.

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