About Shannon 

I am Shannon McLaren, the visionary behind "The Mystic Agent".  Spirit has been speaking to me since I was a child and spirit gave me this name.


I am a channel bringing in new ways of interpreting the unknown, yet I am no different from you. I am you. And we, together, are woven as one through our electromagnetic energy field.


The purpose now is for humans to know yourself more deeply, and to know yourself as a unique configuration and essential part of the whole. This is a time of mature personal consciousness now on the verge of blending with the universe.


The Mystic Agent content will share sacred energy processes from all over the world handed down throughout the ages combined with contemporary metaphysical science to aid humanity in finding peace within...no matter the circumstances.


This is a NEW WORLD, one that begins and ends with personal responsibility for our own HUMAN ENERGY SYSTEM.  And, so it is. 

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