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Shannon McLaren's Monthly Talking Circle

Details: Sunday, February 28th, 7:00pm - 9:00pm PST (1st session)

Where: Online via Zoom

Supplies: Water, Journal, Alter items, blanket, headphones and mat to lay upon, snacks for grounding

LINK to BOOK:  https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0kduispj8iHN0W8v4WD0AEhXf_UOCNgzA_



Shannon is graciously holding this space at a discounted rate for a limited time in 2021. The intention is to make this work accessible for everyone in our community who could use some extra support at this time.

An online community gathering to set personal intentions and move energies with support and ease 


Join IPSB at LEI instructor, Shannon McLaren, for a virtual talking circle ceremony, held once monthly, to find community and deep support within a collective group container. Through communication, breath work, sounding, and sound harmonics, this shared space will activate your “I AM,” that aliveness which ignites and transmutes our personal energy for healing and growth. This workshop is a heart offering from Shannon to our school's community during these unusual and challenging times we find ourselves in. 


There are different ways to approach this workshop. You can:

*Commit to attending monthly. Set an intention in the first workshop and watch it transform over a gestation period of 9 months. This kind of engagement yields powerful shifts!

*Drop in when you feel called over the course of 2021. You are always welcome, join in when the timing is right for you.


Each workshop is technically stand alone, allowing the attendee to treat it as a one time experience or a longer series. The threads formed in the first workshop will weave their way throughout each.


The Benefits:

This is a wonderful opportunity to commit to yourself and any personal intentions you are holding. Truly, the greatest benefits are the structure it offers and the wisdom available from tapping into the collective consciousness of the group and its members! You can trust that your presence and engagement holds medicine for someone else in the group and vice versa.


What’s the experience like?

The ceremony will feel like a one-on-one session, only held in a group setting! Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll be able to do this at home for yourself.


We are available by appointment at the following locations:

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