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About Polarity Therapy

"In this age of over specialization, with emphasis on chemistry, bacteriology, and mechanical and surgical research, we have lost sight of the over-all picture of man as a living being with lines of force working in fields of finer energies."

- Dr. Randolph Stone

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Polarity Therapy is a healing science based on living energy fields.


Dr. Stone, DO, DC, ND (1890-1981) synthesized this art and science that would be considered functional medicine in modern times. Polarity Therapy is the best of Eastern and Western medicine modalities, such as traditional Chinese medicine: meridians, and energetic body mapping done through touch similar to acupressure, reflexology, craniosacral balancing, Kinesiology(balancing structural lines of force), and Ayurveda philosophies to aid harmony within the structure of man. 


Polarity Therapy addresses the following:


  • Physical structure 

  • 11 functional systems

  • Electromagnetic energetic body

  • Somatic Communication, the emotional embodiment component


Polarity Therapy is a profound non-invasive integrative bodywork that has been shown to restore the body's natural healing potential.  Known for the harmonizing effects on the  5 Elemental biochemistry actions, Reflexology, Spinal-Balancing, and the Autonomic Nervous System.

Each Polarity session incorporated: Somatic Communication, physical and energetic bodywork, and, when appropriate elemental behavioral and nutritional guidance along with energy alignment exercises.  Additionally, homework may be given to support behavioral, thought, and environmental changes.

The National Commission for Certifying Agencies accredits the "Board Certified Polarity Program" created by American Polarity Therapy Association. NCCA was established in 1987 by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, an independent, non-governmental agency that sets the standard for professional certification programs via NCCA accreditation. 


  • Have you recently had an accident or surgery?

  • Do you have balance issues or simply feel “off” for a prolonged period of time?

  • Are you suffering from swelling of the joints, and bones, and different forms of arthritis?

  • Is there a current situation that you can not shake: mental, emotional, physical, or experiential?

  • Do you struggle with chronic digestive issues? 

  • Has there been a physical, mental, or emotional ailment since you were a child that you want to address now?

  • Are you noticing that your once bright and quick self has been taken over by a weighed-down feeling instead?

  • Have you experienced an accident or surgery in the past that has changed you? 

  • Are you one of many who want to take back ownership of your health and well-being? 

    The physical anatomy of man is the accepted foundation of mainstream "health," rather than acknowledgment and treatment of the electromagnetic fine energy currents that wove the body's patterns and continue to animate it throughout life.  


Should you have an interest in diving into the causal symptoms of your issue instead of simply treating its effect, then Polarity Therapy is for you.  



My clients have a wide range of issues that mainstream health care didn’t resolve. Many are looking to discover natural healing resources and sustainable health practices because they are not receiving the support needed for their issues from conventional medicine.

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Emotional Trauma 

  • Pysical Trauma: accidents or surgery

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Inability to Eat 

  • Mobility Issues

  • Hormonal Issues

  • Life Crisis 

  • Immune Function

  • Cronic Pain

  • Headaches

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Scientifically, Polarity Therapy addresses the entire Human Energy System.  This system is like a battery or magnet with positive, negative, and neuter poles and currents of energy flowing through them.  When this wireless electromagnetic energy flows unimpeded, the biochemistry natural functions activate, oxygenation flourishes, blood flows, the muscle relaxes, the structure aligns, etc.  

As a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and Registered Polarity Educator, I am a highly-skilled sensory perception artist with the trained ability to notice impeded or blocked energy and support the unwinding threads of attachment to bring systemic harmony.  

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Polarity Therapy

Customized session based on the energetic & physical needs & wants.

1 hr 30 min

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