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Fun at Yoga

Private Yoga


Yoga is a Hindu philosophy that encompasses a variety of practices which most commonly include postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, mantras, and lifestyle changes (e.g., diet, sleep, hygiene). 

Since the early 80s in the United States, Yoga has been used as a new form of wellness and a self-study technique through the practice of breath, physical movement, and stillness known as yoga. 

Individual or group or group participation supports the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines that aim to aid the human monkey mind to learn how to still itself and recognize how to detach from personalizing life’s circumstances and experiences like what people say or do. As an intermediate to advanced level Yogi,  you can stand outside of the self and witness your behaviors, felt experiences, and thoughts and make the adjustments you want. Therefore, leading your life consciously vs. being responsive to every little thing that happens to you. 


  • Strengthens your Muscles and Bones

  • Increases flexibility & Stability

  • Helps reduce chronic pain

  • Improves Posture 

  • Improves Energy Levels

  • Improves Respiration

  • Low Impact Movement and Weight Loss

  • Circulatory Health

  • Stress Management - reduces anxiety 

  • Improves sleep

  • Reduces cognitive decline



Customization: As a Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy practitioner and Constellation facilitator, I work across multiple healing modalities and incorporate Yoga as a piece of functional medicine. Each of my classes is an eclectic movement and modalities, from Kundalini, and Polarity Therapy to conscious thought placement, learning to feel your internal felt communications, and Sounding and Sound bathing. These classes can focus on any desired outcome from strength or flexibility training, a playful rekindling, rehabilitation from surgeries or trauma, or can be mini-retreats and a reset for your entire being. 

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Corporate or Private Events: 

1 person: $125.00 = 1.5 hours
2-5 people: $200.00 = 1.5 hours
6 to 13 people: $300.00 = 1.5 hours
14 people and up: $400.00 
1-and-a-half-hour session: Including group movement(for all body types), breathwork, and mediation instruction(clients may take home with them). 

ADD-ONS:  Sound Bath during extended Shavasana/Corpse Pose.
**Subject to additional Location Fee.

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