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Sound Baths


Sound is vibration energy, which takes the form of waves.  These waves are currently scientifically measured in units called hertz (Hz), meaning the cycles per second that this energy creates.  Different tones create different effects on the human energy system.  Both dissonance and organized sounds have an effect on energy and bring new information to the participant, enhancing self-awareness.

​Humans are RESONANT SOUND SYSTEMS, 24/7!  We walk on earth vibrating outwardly and receiving inwardly acoustical waves of organizing intelligence known or unknown by us.  

All sound affects physical matter and creates harmonious geometric patterns.  All creation is a symphony of sounds, and vibrations, in which the individual parts fit, are attracted, and repelled by the resonant frequencies. 

Researchers began to systemically study the application of music in medicine and healing near the end of the 19th century.  Various studies report the effects of music on physiological responses, such as cardiac output, respiratory rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure (BP)all resulted in significantly less tension, anger, fatigue, and depressed mood in participants, compared to feelings they reported before the sound bath.

Sound healing/bath, or vibrational sound therapy, requires little from its participants other than a willingness to receive. 
"In the beginning was the Word," says the Gospel of John in the Bible. Also in Sanskrit a frequency-based language, the name of God word meaning is NADA BRAHMA, which means “the World is Sound.” ​


All sound baths are different and specific to each participant. The type of sound bath and the instruments played will affect the results. 
Clients report many different benefits from attending sound ceremonies and baths. From traveling in consciousness, change in perception and physical orientation, inspiration, and deeply dropping into a theta state to unwinding emotional pain, physical disease, and frustration. 

I have observed that the sound will travel to places within the energy and physical system that need attention or hold pain to reveal information to the participants. Examples: The client has a sinus infection during a sound bath, and the next day their sinuses drain. Others mention they leave their bodies…one told me while traveling out of the body, they became a lotus flower ever-unfolding. Each person's experience will be unique and personal. 
People attending any of our Sound Bathing ceremonies at least once a month report relaxing faster and more deeply. By making them a part of your wellness maintenance, you will experience long-term effects such as relaxing faster and more deeply within your mind, physical and energetic bodies. 



  • Reduction in Stress & Anxiety

  • Enhanced Focus & Creavtivity

  • Calmer Mind 

  • Relaxed Physical Body

  • Help in Processing Unconscious Emotions & Memories

  • Greater Feelings of Well-Being

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness

  • Better Sleep

  • Activated Creative Insights & Ideas

  • Enhances a Meditation or Yoga Practice 

  • and More!



Book a private sound bath in the Mystic Agent’s healing space or at a location of your choice. A private sound bath is a great way to bond with friends or coworkers, celebrate a special occasion, or experience a sound bath on your schedule. For quotes on private events on location, please contact us with information about your event. 

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Soundbath (60 Minutes, 1 Practitioner)

1-5 people = $250
Each additional person up to 6 = $30 per person

Shamanic style Gong and crystal singing bowls, and other instruments.

OPTIONAL:  Heliotropic Breathwork and Ceremonial Services

**Subject to additional Location Fee.


Ceremonial Talking Circle with Breathwork, Sounding & Sound Bath (3 hours, 1 practitioner)

1-5 people = $350
Each additional person up to 6 = $40 per person


Shamanic-style Sound Bath with Gong and Crystal Singing bowls, and other instruments. Includes: Ceremonial Talking Circle with Somatic Communication, Heliotropic Breathwork, Sounding, and Sound Bathing.

**Subject to additional location fee.


Customize Your Sound Bath

Please contact us for rates and info. Please include the following information:

**Subject to additional Location Fee based upon needs.

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