About Craniosacral Therapy

When wireless is fully applied the earth will be converted into a huge brain, capable of response in every one of its parts. 

- Nikolas Tesla

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Craniosacral Therapy is a profound non-invasive integrative bodywork that has been shown to restore the body's natural healing potential.  

The health and mobility within the human energy system are connected to the cranium, spine, and pelvis by a fluid called Cerebral Spinal Fluid(CSF) that surrounds the brain and the spinal column. It is the place where our cells divide and regeneration happens. 

This type of bodywork activates the CSF and, in turn, relieves compression in the bones of the head, sacrum, and spinal column from day-to-day stressors to long-term functional disorders, restoring levels of circulation, oxygenation, and spacial alignment to the connective tissues and to the nervous system which is the motherboard for all the other 11 functional systems restoring mobility and functionality specific to each client's presenting issues. 



  • Do you feel off? 

  • Are you noticing that your once bright and quick self has been taken over by a weighed-down feeling instead?

  • Have you experienced an accident or surgery in the past that has changed you? 

  • Is there a current situation that you can not shake: thoughts, emotions, or physically?

  • Has there been a physical, mental, or emotional ailment since you were a child that you want to address?

  • Are you one of many who want to take back ownership of your health and well-being?

  • Is Western Medicine not addressing the root cause of your health issue? 

Restoring harmony to the Craniosacral system, connective tissue, and the nervous system provides relief for many modern stress-related illnesses, chronic pain syndromes, headaches, immune system disorders, and physical and emotional trauma.

This ancient yet modern therapy has much to offer anyone in search of health.

On some level, restoration of the body’s natural healing abilities enables craniosacral therapy to have a positive impact on all dis-ease processes of the body, mind, and spirit.



My clients have a wide range of issues. Many are looking to discover natural healing resources and sustainable health practices because they are not receiving the support needed for their issues from conventional medicine.

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Emotional Trauma 

  • Pysical Trauma: accidents or surgery

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Inability to Eat 

  • Mobility Issues

  • Hormonal Issues

  • Life Crisis 

  • Immune Function

  • Cronic Pain

  • Ski Accident

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Integrative Craniosacral Therapy uses light touch to connect through the electromagnetic wireless human energetic system and engage the craniosacral system.  


Our system naturally creates Cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, spinal cord, and dura. This fluid has a rhythm similar to the respiratory rhythm; it expands and contracts as the fluid moves through the brain and up/down the spine. Practitioners discover areas of injury by listening deeply, sensing, and feeling for where the Craniosacral rhythm is weak. Restoring the Craniosacral rhythm brings healing resources back to the entire body.. 


It impacts the nervous system profoundly and therefore, every system of the body. Releases may be accessed for the sympathetic nervous system (the system involved in the fight or flight response and stress) thereby allowing for greater tone in the parasympathetic nervous system (where all healing response in the body takes place).

This gentle treatment, it is useful for people of all ages, from babies and children to the elderly.

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How is Craniosacral Therapy done? Does it work?

What is Craniosacral Therapy? How does it work?


Craniosacral and/or Polarity Therapy

Customized session based on the energetic & physical needs & wants.

1 hr 30 min