Constellation has been described as a philosophy that creates space for everyone: it is all-inclusive.

It is an experiential way that everything; a person, place, or thing/circumstance has a place in this world.

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Constellations is a science of interconnectedness. 


Constellations are a somatic communication group experience that provides an embodied way to access information from the past, present, or future held by “the Knowing Field,” which are the energies that create one’s life and the universe. 


Constellations are a tool that offers individuals and business owners to examine the system dynamics of their life, creative projects, and businesses.  We can look at anything from the past, present, or future. From a practical yes or no question to emotional challenges in love or within the family. It also supports self-development and evaluation, organization and hierarchy, hiring, long-term vs. short-term views, program, and product development, inter-office dynamics, and flow may all be examined and understood in a new light by those who have an interest in improving their personal or business life.
Together as a group or one-on-one, we can look at any issue with or without disclosing private confidential information and ask questions to understand its root cause and how the aspects within it relate systemically.


Constellations are the best decision-making resource I know. They can reveal the root of systemic wounds and give solutions to lingering or everyday problems.


For various reasons, using our logical mind to make present moment decisions doesn't always work: due to conflicting thoughts, we struggle to prioritize unknown or foreseen options like how will future circumstances affect the decision I make today? 


 Constellations benefit those who want to look at all their options and ultimately know they have made the best decision. 


How do you currently address your problems?

  • Take advice from others 

  • Consult a team of professionals before making big and small decisions.

  • Handling new problems with solutions you have used in the past.

  • Apply techniques of those who are more successful than you or those you admire in hopes of getting to their "level."


Scientifically, one thing is sure; energy is always moving; therefore, change is inevitable. Solving new problems using old information doesn't address the present moment's alchemy.

This process reinforces the client's internal knowledge that is often not logical. Clients participate and watch as their presenting issue comes to life in front of them. They respond astounded by the accuracy of the information received from the phenomenological experience. 

Constellation can look into past, present, and future timelines for an infinite range of topics.



  • The Self 

  • Intuition 

  • Decision Making

  • Heritage 

  • Business

  • Negotiation 

  • Leadership

  • Creativity 

  • The World Around You

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We know more about everything than we think.  All we need to do is ask a question about it.


Technically speaking: we are connected with every person, place, and thing wireless through Electromagnetic energy. This Electromagnetic energy is communicating with humans via resonant frequencies ~ which are not linear nor is it logical. Wireless Information is coming into the human system through our proprioception and our senses then to the brain.


Every Constellation includes basic sensory training and awareness tools that clients can use in everyday life.
Similar to The Soul Game everyone who participates benefits. 

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Are you interested in trying a free Constellation?


Join our monthly group for the first time for free.  

The monthly group is good for anyone who wants to simply learn more about this work or those looking for answers from everyday people, artists, business owners, and Entrepreneurs to wannabe wizards. Individually and as a group we learn how to listen to embodied senses, each other, and observations to bring about new solutions.
Experiencing Constellations is fun and easy community play that will help you discover your intuitive channel, different ways to communicate, and sense the world around you symbolically. 

People leave Constellations thinking why doesn’t everyone know this?!



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Online Group: 6-Week Intuition Development through Systems Constellations

This 6-Week Intuition Development through Constellations is for the general public and professional healing practitioners who want to learn how to use their human energy system as a resource for non-logical decision-making.

The Intuition Development through Constellations course is a bridge to weekly Constellations participation that will cover the wide range of issues listed above. 

Within each of us is a guidance map to chart the best course of action confidently. Once complete with the course, each student will have the skills to measure their right next move from an embodied place within.
When: Every Thursday beginning; May 19th, 26th, June 2nd, 9th, 16th 23rd 

Where: Online through Zoom
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm Pacific Time
Cost: $25.00 US dollars per class for the 6-week training -
 10% discount to those who pay in full prior to May 18th payment via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or CC. 

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Group Systems Constellations

Systems Constellations are for the general public, business owners, and creatives who want a new and easier way to solve problems (see above for types of Constellations). Anyone looking for resources that are innovative, self-evident, and that will take them out of the logical mind reasoning game and into solid decision-making will find Constellations astounding. 

Within each of us is a guidance map to chart the best course of action confidently, Constellations measure one's right next move from an embodied place within. 

When: Every Tuesday, beginning June 14th, 2022
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm Pacific Time
Cost for Participation/Representatives: $22.00 US dollars
Cost for Guaranteed Constellation: $100.00 US dollars 
Payment via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or CC. Individual Constellations are not guaranteed. unless purchased. Please reach out in advance with your written intention (Email me), if you want a guaranteed Constellation. All requests for Constellations will be considered. 

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Customized Constellations

Individual or Group These can take place in a few ways:

  • In-person, where you would supply at least 5 friends and/or family members to participate in your constellation as representatives. Sometimes I can bring one or two representatives. 

  • Via Zoom, where you bring together at least 5 friends/family to participate as representatives for you. Sometimes I can bring one or two representatives.

  • We can custom design Constellations. Contact me for scheduling and rates.