Meet the Creator

Shannon McLaren is The Mystic Agent, Certified Integrative Craniosacral Therapist, a Family & Systems Constellations Facilitator, Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, and Registered Polarity Educator.  Her services include applied comprehensive energy medicine: structural, functional, and energetic bodywork, somatic communication, energy exercises, and nutrition to support, process, and resolve energy.  Along with Intuition Development courses and Monthly Constellations groups that aid in clear decision-making.  
Shannon offers original self-realization experiences, content, and services to cultivate simplicity while being human. The Mystic Agent content is a relatable and inclusive bridge for those who have never experienced energy medicine. She is willing to go ANYWHERE the client needs to in order to get the thing they are looking for in their lives! She’s no one’s guru. Everyone can be an Agent of Action for their Soul, a Mystic Agent!

Where You Can Find Me
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"Everyone can be an Agent of action
guided by their SOUL,
A Mystic Agent."
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Services Offered

Craniosacral and/or Polarity Therapy
Structural & Energetic Bodywork, Somatic Communication to support, process, & resolve emotional & physical patterns, trauma, and disease. May also include polarity exercises & nutrition to support functional changes.


Family & Systems Constellation
A group or individual transformational experience, where one participant seeks a solution for any issue past, present, or future:  Family, Business & Vocation, Nature, Health, Environment, Social and Relational.  

Participants say it’s like watching their internal experiences happen before them, gifting them a new perspective on their issues.

As seen on Netflix's “Sex Love & Goop," “Another Self” and “The Soul Game” the first Systems Constellation process for entertainment in media of its kind on The Mystic Agent Youtube Channel.

Distance Healing
This distance session is experienced viscerally through wireless electromagnetic energy that directly connects with the entire human energy system including its anatomy. 

Similar to a Polarity/Craniosacral session.

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Raindrop Technique
Raindrop and essential oil treatments ​stimulate the body at a cellular level. Most clients say they discovered lengthening in their spine and more mobility.  We combine this with Craniosacral and Polarity Therapies.


"Shannon is a truly gifted healer that incorporates many different somatic (body-based) and energy techniques that result in very profound healing. My session with Shannon cleared a lot of deep emotions stored in my body and mind. It was one of the most powerful healings I’ve ever received, and I have seen probably 40+ healers over my life! As a fellow healer, my experience was so profound that I am inspired to learn from her. Her home office studio is so beautiful, comforting and nurturing and she holds really beautiful space for the tender and vulnerable process. If you have a chance to work with Shannon - say yes and don’t look back!"

—  Erica Eng