Tiffany Haddish

 Author, Actress, Comedian, CEO, and Emmy Winner. 

“I think playing the SOUL game can Help people to realize they are not the only ones going through the stuff they are going through…I think playing the game can help them to connect better with their selves and with others.  It’s a SOUL connection.”


Annabel Ofeeny 


“I got up & ran 4 miles[the next day] which is extremely unusual for me.  My energy was incredibly high and I felt lighter and lifted like I had been given permission to start something new.  It’s been a full-body experience.”

Alyssa Luna

Temp Service, Student

“I am getting this done now rather than later. I don’t want to be 50 years old dealing with this shit!"

Beach Banquet

Meet the Creator

Since childhood, I have seen and felt the future and known the creative force within me. Yet, no one around me spoke about how to explore the senses and energies within and around me. Instead, the world taught me to place my attention outside of myself and put others' ideas and priorities above my own, which, in turn, created systemic disorientation. I became lost within my being! 

Later, I found myself reluctantly positioned to learn the Healing Arts. It was through this educational process that I self-realized my essence. 

~the Mystic Agent umbrella wove together content and tools that support energy transmutation: health, fitness, nutrition,  communication, negotiation, relationship building, representation, creativity, finance, sex, sexuality, energy medicine, resonance, and listening skills to create

Self-Realization so people may learn and grow. 

You can rediscover who you are authentically and what kind of life you want to live!  It's all within YOU!  Be your own "Agent of Action" and begin to build your life, your way!  

"Everyone can be an Agent of action for their SOUL,
A Mystic Agent."


Energy Musings

Original channeled blogs about energetic philosophy and applications as it relates to communication skills, nutrition, movement, poetry, energy medicine, and the personal journey to self-empowerment.  

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Comprehensive Energy Medicine

One on One, Distance Healing & Teaching Services: CranioSacral Unwinding,  Board Certified Polarity Practitioner & Educator, Sound Healing, Essential Oil Treatments; Raindrop & Reverence Rituals.


Group Events: Monthly Reverence Rituals, Sound Baths, Mystic Sound Gatherings and Introduction Immersion to Polarity Therapy classes.




"Step out of the logical mind and into the effortlessness of being."

                ~ The Mystic Agent

TWO LOCATIONS: By Appointment only