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Energy Levels

It's okay we don't have to push or force the body systems to have the energy you want. The energy balance is here within you now.

The Earth's dominant energy is outbound masculine forward moving (positive)so, is it any wonder we wake up, and the first thing we want is a boost of energy? And, there's that delicious smell of coffee to kick start the day! But, is any of that really true? Do we need "something" to move fast or faster? Can we be slow and move with ourselves to sensually enliven what is within? Hello? Do you want to be the Hare or the Turtle?

Winters end upon us. It is dark, even blind, the creative impulse can lack reason and foresight. It can be sublimely careless and unscrupulous. We can lose ourselves in the overdoing and overloading our system; drinking too much rendering us unable and irresponsible, delusional gluttonous manipulations, watering down our potency via multi-tasking or eating the wrong foods cause it's "there" to pure competition and comparisons.

Slow down, STOP. Receive a breath. Now 2 more breaths,

please. Listen. What is your energy level right now? How do you feel in your being(mind/body/spirit)? Can you be patient with yourself and if need be sleep on your concerns for 3 nights. Remember, everything is always moving and so will "this" as spring is approaching. Surrender to the truth and discern the needs of your body/mind system. Be with where you are, it's a(the) present.


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