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I had just come out of a meditative yoga class; my system was calm and tranquil as I drove to a meeting. I parked the car in the only space available which positioned me tightly against a wall. As I squeezed out of my door and grabbed all the things I needed, my glass water bottle went flying out of my hand and shattered. Sad. Breath. "Okay," I said to myself, "I am handling too much at once...noted." Then I stepped back through the glass, and a piece of the glass came up around the soles, thru the side of my shoe and sliced my foot deeply. Grrrrr.

Now, I can look at this several ways. I knew that the glass was there. Why did I step back without carefully looking? Did I feel protected cause I had on a shoe? Perhaps. Do I think I can walk on glass? Hmmm, no(maybe?). Blind trust while engaging with glass?! Oiy. WTF was I thinking? Was I discerning my circumstances? No. "Head in the clouds," feels accurate here. Let's go deeper into this. One, I said to myself "I am handling too much at once" that is so true. I am juggling many projects, responsibilities and being a Virgo moon I do this well. Two, "positioned tightly against the wall," hmmm. This is something. I was uncomfortable getting out of the car, why did I settle for that parking spot when I knew I needed more space? Three, "knowingly stepping in it"...a part of me does feel like I can do anything and I am flesh and blood, so clearly, I was not present in the moment and instead more concerned with where I was going.

Bottom line, I was not listening to my discomfort getting out of the car, I kept plowing through willing my way to "do" what needs to get done. My being is demanding me to notice each breath, thought, feeling, surrounding space, etc. as a reflection of who I am and what I am saying I want now so that I can create my vision. If I don't meet the energies, its response to my current velocity is immediate. BAM! STEPPING IN IT.



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