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What does the word TRUST mean to you?

Most people first thought may be to: "Do I trust her/him/it/them?" The heart immediately responses to moments of safety within the self. I dare you, everyone to begin within first with this:

Do I trust myself?

This one question is the axis point for all of our relations because If I trust my self, then I can trust others. The laws of physics say this is true. And, in turn, I feel self-confident because I can lean into my ability to handle what life throughs my way!

So, do you trust yourself? How often do you tell others little white lies that you believe serves the more significant cause? Come on, be honest with yourself. If I am truthful with myself, then I can be frank with others. It sounds simple, and it is unless it's not.

Are you willing to try new things? Can you give up control of being good at something right away and instead be ready to stumble, fumble, and get lost? Are you cool with frustration, not knowing, and being wrong? These are all attributes on the process trail of self-trust.

More to come in this series of TRUST blogs:

Am I worthy of others Trust?

Will I give my trust to another?

Do I trust the Natural laws of the universe for better or worse?

***Photo by DJ Johnson on Unsplash


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