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HOW TO sustain the Hearts Passion with Fire Energy

CREATE IT NOW. Following instructions is something I know all too well; go, go, go, do, do, do.

I don't live like that anymore. Instead, I am in constant observation of the tension field between giving and receiving so that I don't force my energy and end up in burn-out, barren, or sick.

How do I sustain Fire energy to continue creating during waining energy?

Let's back up, first what is FIRE energy? Fire energy is just as Fire sounds, is, and behaves. Some examples; Fire is hot, expansive, makes sudden fast moves, and it clears space as it burns. In other words, it's anger, passion, change of direction, creates pressure witch requires courage and offers clarity.

Below is 1 or 3 tricks I use to sustain FIRE energy;

DISCIPLINE; Staying consistent with my actions; mind and body. To support disciplined action, I stay on task by organizing my priorities each day, week, month, and year. If sudden changes come up(and they surely do), I pivot to the new task and then re-organizing again. These actions create a strong foundation or structure to hold my fire. Think of the foundation like the rocks that contain a burning fire enabling it to dance freely!

Next week's blog; Trick #2 on sustaining the Hearts Passion with Fire Energy.


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