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FOCUS is Trick #3!

Focus is key in Sustaining the Heart's Passion. I struggle to keep my mind on ONE TASK at a time. I was sold the idea that multi-tasking was a great "skill," now I know it creates anxiety, stress, fragmentation of the mind. The sub-conscious mind is replaying what we have programmed into it: continually searching for that next video to watch, replaying the last song you heard, or the last argument you had. Left unmanaged, it will rule your every thought, which determines your emotions and actions.

Being able to focus one's mind is another muscle worth developing if you want to create happiness, a chill vibe, embrace change, weave a GIANT WEB of CREATION, be present, or sit still listening and appreciating a breezy day while the birds sing.

I tame my gofer mind with meditation exercises. Meditation itself is programming the mind to be aware of where and what it is placing its attention upon in any given moment, which creates a witnessing consciousness that is aware of itself in the present moment vs. the past or future.

Basic Meditation sample;

  1. Sit in a quiet location, with a comfortable body position, either sitting on a chair, hand placed comfortably on your lap.

  2. Focus your mind onto your breath

  3. Your mind will begin to wander into thought. Once you can catch yourself thinking, then you bring your thoughts back to focus on your breathing. Watch your breath, breath.

  4. Your mind will begin to wander into thought. Once you can catch yourself thinking, then you thank you thoughts and say to yourself, "I am going back to my breath now." Then you bring your thoughts back to your breath again.

  5. Repeat.

  6. Repeat.

  7. Now, if you are hyper and can't sit, go out for a walk and do the same thing; Focus on your breath as you walk or run. You will begin to think. When you can notice yourself thinking, thank the thoughts, then go back to the breath. Repeat.


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