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Is this asking too much of the heart to always be kind?

Is the statement alone pushing positive outcomes?

Does it force tolerance?

TOLERANCE is genuinely on my mind as a way of denial. AGH. Another furtive energy that I use to lie to myself! Is being TOLERANT another way of suppressing our energy systems true expression in the name of avoidance? Are we merely putting off conflict, shame, fear, risk, judgment, rejection, or whatever it is that scares or overwhelms the system?

What do we tolerate in the name of "getting along" or "keeping it light." What do we tolerate, period?

As we gather with families and friends tomorrow for Thanksgiving and the upcoming Holiday season, it is an opportunity to notice how our human energy system response to groups and individuals.


Is this fun or enjoyable?

How is this conversation settling in my Human Energy System?

Am I able to be honest and speak directly?

Do I feel heard?

Am I able to listen fully and be present for the other person? Are they doing the same for me?

Do I want another person's opinion? What are my boundaries, and can I speak them directly?

Do I shut down and avoid speaking up for myself when I am uncomfortable?

This Holiday Season discover and honor yourself by noticing your Human Energy Systems experience.


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