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TRUST; Three Foundational Relationships

ONE: The Self

TWO: Our Connection to Organizing Intelligence

THREE: Other People, Places, Things, Circumstances

Trust is a foundational element to self-worth and confidence, allowing one to meet any challenge that life brings your way. In Yogic practices, this energy is based in the root chakra. It is primary to our security and a healthy maturation process of the mind and physical aptitudes (including emotions). For centuries the majority of humanity has been groomed to give their "Trust" to other people over their own embodied knowing, including their desires and thoughts. If this happened to you, your first response is usually resistance and confusion, and a common question arises, "Why do you know what is best for me?"

As a consequence of this overlord mentality, we become disorientated systemically. When we fail to sense, feel, and consciously think for ourselves, all our actions and relationships mirror the disorientation. Relearning to trust The Self and overcome early entrainment behaviors begins with three foundational relationships; our relationship with The Self, our connection to and application of Organizing Intelligence, and our rapport with other people, places, ideas, and circumstances. These three Trust aspects are distinct and share essential sameness; each element is held within the other.

My friends, the hierarchy of trust and its triune principle is the root of YOUR manifestation power!

ONE: The Self. Everything begins with The Self. If you question this theoretically, consider how all life starts with one cell. Then that one cell splits into two, and so on. In other words, energy movement begins from the center outwardly. Or, think about how consciousness comes into the mind; from the first person's Self. Your perspective is unique only to you and holds symbolic messages of personal truth and guidance. Pay close attention to that voice, witness it, and observe its behavior. By believing in The Self first above all others, no matter how much pressure you are under or how illogical that pressure is ~ you will discover how your energetic and functional body systems communicate and when your soul is authentically agenting your mind. With practice and time trusting The Self will become your "go-to" place by which you orient you're Being as it serves the creative force you are over and over again!

TWO: Our Connection to Organizing Intelligence. We are always connected to this immutable known or unknown energy source. What many are unwilling to believe and make actionable for themselves is our ability to harness and wield this energy as a resource. Yet, to do it is simple! The magic happens by being aware of the present moment's happenings; wind blowing, sounds, smells, and things we see now, like our hand placement. Yet, many value the mind's ability to think or figure things out over honoring what is present and authentic in the moment. Resistance within The Self is a sign to step back from your thoughts or circumstances to look at them from a broader view letting you see other perspectives and choices that this change might create. For example, if there is conflict, you can understand the other person's point of view. Or if a change in circumstances happens, that is a redirection that, with patience, time will demonstrate "why."

THREE: Trusting other people, places, things, and circumstances. This is where knowing The Self is critical because while "others" are separate from us, we are always connected with them/it via comingled wirelessly energy. It is natural to unknowingly take on others' energy if we are not consciously noticing the physical, mental, and energetic movement responses held within the present moment, which is your #1 mechanism to survey The Self's level of trust with others. Your best protection is simply witnessing if you become "off" balance. That's it! Present moment Organizing Intelligence is your bridge to notice everything self-trust. Knowing The Self is your first line of defense and the foundational touch point in maintaining and sustaining your rapport with others; people, places, things, and circumstances.

Trust begins within me. The I AM is an autonomous regulator verifying and authenticating inbound and outbound information and issuing authority to act upon that information. If you find yourself in familiar situations that do not end well for you ~ stop, come back to the first person, The Self, and ask, "Do I trust myself?" and if not, "Why?" This is the path to know thyself and being responsible for how you contribute to the world at large.


Journal your progress each day by answering these questions:

  • How often was I in the present moment?

  • Take inventory of your responses and noticings during any uncomfortable exchanges;

    • Do I trust or feel safe here, with this person, under these circumstances?

      • What were you thinking?

      • What were your felt and embodied impressions?

      • What were you noticing at the time? Or what stood out to you?

      • What was your proximity to the issue? Did you feel drawn in toward it/them or pushed away from it/them?

      • Notice the schematics of the situation. From where are you looking at this literally and metaphorically, up close or from far away?

  • Could I speak about my honest and genuine responses at the moment? If not, why and what happens to you?

Reading The Self enables one to discern the moments' best next action; this is a Self-Realization process.


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