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What are you Bringing into 2023?: Reflections, Focus & Discernment to Sturdiness

Hello all, sending you holiday greetings and closing thoughts for 2022.

I love this time of year the most as stillness enters and things can become quiet. It's a relief to let go of doing and trust the seeds I planted are shaking beneath the frozen and still earth and that it is important to allow the seeds, children, and projects the ability to stand on their own as a test of their innate sturdiness.

Reviewing 2022, it was a year of saying and doing difficult things. I looked for comfortable go-to behaviors/feelings that lie to me. I had to notice the subtle nuances within and will myself to discern what actually fortifies me. Confusion, and trying to say things "nicely" ended for me in 2022. I looked at the rapport within my relationship with a magnifying glass. When people's actions didn't meet their words: I told them. I stopped making excuses or being overly understanding. And, because of this, when my concerns were not addressed, several key loved ones, business associates, and friends either left me, or I said goodbye to them. Then, I took the time to grieve, which I had never done before. Grieving is healing, and I recommend it!

Coming out of Hermit mode, Life is beginning again for me, not from scratch, because I have built my new life and way of being at the same time that the old structure and landscape evolved up and out of me. As I said, I am slow to a turtle, and because my behaviors and energy are new, I am being vigilant within my system, consciously noticing what aspects of self are at play as I move forward. Now I am living in harmony with who I am: a visionary, a creator, an outdoors woman, an athlete, and a wild, deeply sensitive being with something to say about what and who we are as human beings.

In 2023, my focus is here, as the Mystic Agent, offering healing arts services and sharing the different paths to Self-Realization.


If you choose, here's a thought to bring you into 2023: When preparing holiday meals, consciously consider your "why." How are you greeting the food everyone will consume? When holiday shopping, spend money/energy on others that are extra. When we borrow money to give, we borrow our future money/energy. In other words, sustaining a good level of money/energy for yourself today brings a sturdy, self-reliant, person with money/energy in the bank into 2023, which will be reflected toward you!

Blessings and Gratitude to you all. Happy Holidays.

Shannon ~ the Mystic Agent


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